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Boyle, Kris (kris.boyle@canada.cdev.com)
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 08:56:37 -0400

> On Wednesday, April 29, 1998 3:54 PM, Jason Tanner
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> Jason,
> > Could someone in the ottawa area know of a place that sells
> > whole chile plants, preferably with a good selection? Please 
> > email me if you know of one. Thanks
> Acorn Creek Farms out in Carp has a pretty good selection.  They
> primarily
> have the hot ones ie. thais, jalepenos, serranos, ring-of-fire
> (cayenne), and some
> hab derivatives.  They will sell you a real hab plant but don't
> recommend it for
> the Ottawa area unless you have a really sheltered area and maybe some
> supplemental heating (ie. greenhouse).  I bought one a couple if years
> ago
> and they kept it in their greenhouse until August and then let me take
> it
> home.  It definitely preferred their greenhouse over my garden!!
> I haven't found anywhere that sells plants such as anaheim, poblano
> etc.
> Acorn Creek Farms is out near the Thunderbird health club.  The exact
> address is 928 Oak Creek Road, Carp.  836-2613.  I usually take the 
> Queensway to the Carp Road exit, head north on Carp Road until you get
> to Richardson Side Road (the Cheshire Cat pub is on the northeast
> corner - I think it is the first intersection from the Queensway with
> a
> stop/flashing light at it).  Turn right onto Richardson and proceed
> for about
> a mile or two and Oak Creek Road will be on the left.  Proceed down
> Oak Creek
> for another mile or so and the farm will be on the right.  There are a
> number of signs
> along the way directing you there as they do a pretty good
> pick-your-own
> vegetable business.  The directions are pretty rough I'm afraid - I
> know where
> I am going so I have never measured the distances!!  They also sell
> their plants
> at the Carp Farmers Market (Sat mornings I think) but I would
> recommend going
> directly to the farm where they have a wider selection and also better
> hours (pretty
> much 7 days a week, 9am to 6pm - give them a call to verify).
> I have bought plants from them for the last couple of years and their
> plants always
> seem to be very healthy and really good fruit bearers.  I would
> recommend buying
> your tomato plants there as well - the quality of plant compared to
> what you get
> at local nurseries/parking lot garden centers is incomparable.
> If you get any other responses from Ottawa area chile-heads I would be
> interested in finding out about other places that sell plants
> (especially if
> they are of the type that I cannot find).
> Happy planting,
> Kris
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