Re: Re: [CH] Dave's Insanity

Jonathan T. Smillie (
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 10:17:46 -0500

At 07:13 AM 4/30/98 -0700, Senor Chile Monger wrote:

>"Krakatoa" which is Red Savina mash with salt added <<>.

>They both have a great, big Habanero flavor and make the top of my head sweat.

Along these lines is a nice item called "99%", produced by (or at least primarily 

sold at) the Calido Chile Traders stores; it claims to be "99% habaneros, 1% vinegar

and 0.5% salt", which the discerning amateur mathematician will notice is in fact


Rounding errors aside, it's a nice burn. I like to mix it with Dijon mustard and put 

it on sandwiches. 



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