[CH] chile pan

Judy Howle (howle@ebicom.net)
Fri, 01 May 1998 08:13:35 -0500

Hi everybody,

Today is my birthday and my hubby really surprised me this AM with a cast
iron chile cornbread pan by Lodge that he got by mail order from Cabela's.
I have the seasoning directions with it, but have never had much luck with
new cast iron.  Any tips other than baking it at 350 for an hour, coated
with melted shortening? How come the old ones are so smooth and the new ones
rough?  All the cast iron I own now, 2 flat bakers, 2 round skillets, one
square skillet, and a corn stick pan were old and already seasoned and very
smooth surface. I got most of them at garage sales for a great price.  I use
the flat baker to cook tortillas and it works great.

It has been cool and rainy all week.  Got my beans and squash planted last
weekend when it was dry but the chiles and tomatoes were started late and
are not ready yet.  With sev. more days of rain predicted, it's just as
well.  Hope it dries out in about 2 weeks so I won't have to plant them in
the mud! 

Judy Howle

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