[CH] Please & thanks

Peter Moss (pmoss@yoda.alt.za)
Sat, 2 May 1998 03:49:11 RSA-2

The digest for some time was a pleasure to read and my thanks to 
all those that made this possible by cutting unrelated commented 
text and resetting mailers to not post MIME and HTML.

However there seems to be a competition going on at the moment 
on just how much can be included with any reply.  Please cut all 
unrelated commented text from your replies and no it is not cute 
or cool to include the complete original message at the end 

Newbies posting MIME and HTML please turn these features off 
they are not compatible with all mail readers and are an 
abomination in the digest.




Peter Moss             E-Mail: pmoss@yoda.alt.za

Of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most.