Re: [CH] Green eggs & ham

Inagaddadavida (
Fri, 01 May 1998 22:45:23 -0500

Twas Writ:
>El Yucateo green on scrambled eggs & ham.
>I would eat them in a box
>and I would eat them with a fox
> get the picture.

MMMmmmmm.....eggs an' chiles...jus' something about such...spudz too.
Lately, my lunch/dinner at work has been consisting of day-old baked taters
(2), cubed, scallions, a healthy shot of fish sauce (drives the young-uns
nuts on the line...they run from me the "squid eater" which
actually means something else to them completely different than one would
think...but I'm digressing and gettin' a wee bit, uh, nevermind...), toss
it all in some clarified butter to heat, a good dose of Ralphs' Righteous
Hab Sauce (I'm giving this stuff a thorough of our own list
members concoction...and I wish I owned stock in the company <g>...), and
just when it's all heated through, I drop in a raw egg or two, scramble,
eat it up, yum...

Just had a sense of deja voo-eee (redneck spelling)...have I posted this
before?  My mind is a seive...apologies if I'm repeating myself.  Anywho,
once or twice, I've done this with the addition of some Tasso and it's
darned groovy too.  This meal ranks right up there with migas.

I'm a pig for the long as there's a good bit of fat

Peace, Hendrix, and Chiles.......

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