[CH] Where's the Fat?

Doug Irvine (dirvin@bc.sympatico.ca)
Sat, 02 May 1998 08:08:39 -0700

Hey Rael64, this is Doug26(old)...no you have not put that one out
before, sounds like my messes that I concoct! Sure do like that Thai
fish sauce, but you're right...it do stink up de joint! And you must
have those big ventilator fans...just think about all the people in the
parking lot....do they still come into that restaurant? I do something
like that, and I stick in Prairie Fire, a really neat sauce outta
Calgary, havent tried Ralph's yet(should tho, that's my second name)
Here is a dish that I ahve been doing since 1976, since I found it in
San Diego in Old town, Safarancho it is called: (serves two)
2	boneless pork chops
1	cup rice(Iuse Thai)
1/4 cup hot salsa, your choice
1	tsp worchester sauce
half green bell pepper, chopped
1	medium onion, chopped
1	tsp salt
2	cups stock or water, hot

Put a little oil in the bottom of a heavy pot, put chops on the oil, put
rice on the chops, put veggies on the rice, put salsa, worchester and
salt on the veggies, pour hot stock over everything, cover and cook
about 40minutes on simmer, let sit 5 minutes and enjoy...make it as hot
as you like, I add a chopped hab or two to the green pepper..
Hope y'all like it..Cheers, Doug in BC