Re: [CH] overwinter

Jon & Courtney Schatz (
Sun, 03 May 1998 22:12:00 -0400

Hi Darryl.  It's spring here and I just placed my habanero plant outdoors after
it spent the winter inside with me.  If you can put your plants in pots and
keep them indoors with you that would be the safest bet.  I kept mine going so
I could take cuttings for more plants in spring since I love the peppers this
guy produced so much.  I kept my plant in one of the brightest rooms in my
house and watered it when the soil started getting dry.  He seems not too much
worse for wear although he lost a few of his lower leaves during the winter.
Good luck!

Courtney Schatz

Darryl Corp wrote:

> Hi All!
> I'm a newcomer to this mailing list and am hesitant about asking a question
> I think you might all be sick of hearing the answer to.  But ask it I must;
> the lives of three habanero plants are at stake.
> It's autumn in this part of the world.  Does anyone have tips as to how my
> habaneros might survive the winter?  I'd be really most grateful for any
> advice!
> Thanks
> Darryl