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Charles Demas (
Mon, 4 May 1998 08:03:44 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 3 May 1998, Peter Moss wrote:

> > From: Lorraine Heidecker <>
> > 
> >  Ah Peter - its nice to know the net police is always on duty!
> Thanks Lorraine for posting a perfect example of what was 
> mentioned, that was really thoughtful ;-)

Peter, you need a better sense of humor and a concern for those that do
things differently than you do.

Those of us that read the list in non-digest form don't have the post and
responses grouped together, we get them as they arrive.  As such it is
more useful to us to have more quoted material to help us recall the post
that the response is to.  C-H isn't the only high volume list I subscribe
to, so my reading pops around over many topics.  I do grant that html,
large sigs, and v-cards should be avoided, and that quoting should be  

BTW, I doubt that Lorraine's quoting the entire article was unintentional. 
I personally got a good laugh out of the fact that she did that, BTW. 
Obviously meant to bust your b**ls.  :-)  [They needed busting, IMO]

I didn't bother responding to (flaming) your most recent offtopic post
(this thread), ... but here you are again, ... still trying to play
listowner, ... which you aren't. 

Please, ... get a clue, ... complain by private email, ... if you must.

[Yeah, I could have emailed this, but I had some points to make/share]

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