Re: [CH] soar site!

Charles Demas (
Mon, 4 May 1998 14:10:49 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 4 May 1998, Doug Irvine wrote:

> Now if the old man could only spell!!
> The CORRECT spelling of berkeley, Doug!
> is the correct url:
> Hows that??Chuck, are ya there??I dont mind criticism, as long as it is
> laughable, and the thing that I would miss the most, would be my sense
> of humour!!(Canuck spelling) Cheers, Doug in BC

I'd just about finished the post and was about to hit send when this 
came in.  :-)  

Damn, I'm getting slow in my old age.  :-)

Actually, I'd gone to the site, and read a few recipes, including the 
Bananas Foster one.   The recipe missed one trick though.  The New
Orleans one talks about preslicing the bananas into coins after pealing
the bananas and then reassembling them and pretending to peal them and 
having the coins fall out "magically."

Well, you can do that trick either with a long thin needle or a needle and 
thread and not have pealed the bananas in advance.  Stick the needle in 
and work it back and forth cutting the inside, or sew a loop/garotte inside 
the banana, then pull the loop/garotte tight/out slicing the banana.  
With careful needle placement, it goes unseen.  :-)  Did I mention I 
used to be an amateur magician?  :-)

Then you can claim that you buy a "special presliced banana" for this 
dessert.  :-)

My first chief engineer's grandfather set him up as a child with this
trick.  Every morning for a week they had "presliced bananas" and cereal 
for breakfast.  After a week, he sent the kid to the store to buy some 
"presliced bananas."  :-)

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Needham, Mass.

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