Re: [CH] new plants in the garden

Brent Thompson (
Tue, 05 May 1998 08:30:59 -0700

> Is it a good idea to pinch off the first flowers/fruits?  I
> already have a few tomatillos, tomatoes, and bulgarian carrot peppers -
> should I let them stay?  

I would just let them stay on, especially with the particulars you've
mentioned.  I mean, would there be any major harm if leaving the first
fruits on any of tomatillos, tomatoes, or Bulgarian carrot chiles were even
to, say, reduce ultimate yield by 10-15%?  Would you even notice the
reduction?  (Not that I believe any yield reduction happens.)

However, I must say that with chiles (or other plants) that I don't already
know to be robust producers, if fruits set when the plants were still
spindly (which is a different thing from being vigorous yet still small), I
would probably remove those first fruits -- except when the situation is
such that I believe due to disease problems it just isn't going to get any
healthier and those first few fruits may be all I get and I need those few
just to be able to try to evaluate some new (to me) variety... (I've been
there :-( )

 ---   Brent