[CH] Ohio Valley Camping Call

Alex Silbajoris (72163.1353@compuserve.com)
Tue, 5 May 1998 17:16:26 -0400


I'm trying to stir up the burgoo pot a little here, and issue a camping
call to interested chile-heads in the Ohio River valley.  Shall we gather
in some sylvan setting, to ponder pods?  So far it looks like about four
people are interested, but we haven't nailed down a time and location.  I'm
currently shooting for the weekend of May 15.

I'm imagining either a daytime picnic event, or an evening camp involving
several connected campsites in some state park (or both).  Either way, we
could have some fun showing off and sharing outdoor cooking techniques. 
(Can you hear that stirring "Be all that you can be" music rising in the
background?)  Why, since we're discussing cast iron cookware, maybe I'll
truck some of mine out there...

Contact me privately if you'd like to participate.  This could be fun, a
new type of event - a hotluck-type gathering in the woods.

     Alex Silbajoris  72163.1353@compuserve.com
     Forest + Food + Fire = Fun