[CH] Chile Cures

Sandy Olson (sandyo@willowtree.com)
Tue, 05 May 1998 22:52:25 -0700

Hi All...
	Found an interesting sounding book in one of my book club mailings
(Prevention Book Club).  It's titled "Healing Power of Peppers". 
Author(s) or publisher not listed by I'm sure Amazon.com would list it. 
Prevention's cost was $12 plus p/h.  One of the "recipes" that is
supposed to cure cold symptoms is as follows:

	Mix: 2 teaspoons ground cayenne
	     Juice of 3 lemons
	     2 cloves of garlic,minced
	     2 grams of powdered vitamin C

Take 4 tablespoons every four hours for effective relief of cold

I haven't tried it nor purchased the book yet.  Usual disclaimers; just
thought it sounded neat!

			CH #1146