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Dave Gomberg (gomberg@wcf.com)
Wed, 06 May 1998 11:25:49 -0700

>At 09:03 PM 4/26/1998 -0700,  Dan Cole asked:
>>My girlfriend and I have just begun stepping lightly into the world of
>>Chile-Heads, but we are encountering some problems. She is a vegetarian
>>(I'm not), and I am having trouble locating appropriate recipes for her. A
>>further complication is that I will not eat any of the various "meat
>>substitutes", so we need recipes that we can both enjoy. 
>>Anyone aware of any web sites out there catering to (or at least
>>recognizing) such lifestyles?
Look into Indian cooking.  Start with M Jaffrey, World of the East (Knopf).
There is also Thomas' Vegetarian Epicure (2 vol), but it has lots of bland
food too.

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