[CH] Burger King Fiesta Whopper

Charles Demas (demas@tiac.net)
Wed, 6 May 1998 21:32:08 -0400 (EDT)

I tried one today, from the Burger King in Dedham, Mass.

Well, It has some heat.  Not overwhelming, but enough to let you notice
that it's there.  For normal (non C-H) people, it's probably very 
spicy.  While and after eating it, there was the noticeable tingle on my
lips and inside my mouth.  I didn't notice any back of the mouth
tingle/grab to it.

So, did I like it, in a word NO!  I don't expect that this will be 
lasting long.  It's probably too spicy for people like my mother (a non
chile-head), and not that tasty for chile-heads, if I'm any judge.
I won't be buying a second one.

FWIW, I am not one of those Chile-heads that likes everything spicy.  I
just didn't care for the taste of this Fiesta Whopper that much, so given
the choice of a cheese Whopper and a Fiesta Whopper, I'd choose the plain
one.  Please don't get me wrong, I ate it all, and it wasn't bad, but it
wasn't good either.  This is on the relative scale for fast food at 
Burger King, which I like, but it really isn't my idea of what a good 
hamburger is, BTW.

Just to calibrate things, I've tried "The Bread" at Jim McGrath's hotluck, 
and it was hot, but I didn't go running to get anything to drink while or
after eating it.  It was very hot though, hotter than anything else I've
tried, outside of Dave's, of course.   

Chuck Demas
Needham, Mass.

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