Re: [CH] Question on Growing

Brent Thompson (
Thu, 07 May 1998 07:30:33 -0700

> I soaked the seed in a Water/bleach solution in a 6 oz 
> cup I would say an 1/8 oz of bleach was in it. That has been over two 
> weeks now no sign of germination. What is going on?

If this means you left those seeds in the bleach solution where they remain
until today, then what is going on is that those seeds are long dead,
killed by the bleach.

When necessary -- which is only very rarely in the case of chile seeds --
the bleach pre-planting treatment is to soak the seeds for only one hour in
50% bleach solution (half commercial bleach, half water), then rinse well,
then plant per normal procedures.

 ---   Brent