Fw: [CH] Gimme some spaces!!

Gil White (gilbert.white@sympatico.ca)
Thu, 7 May 1998 22:59:36 -0400

 If you've planted more then 1 pepper per pot, then separate them and
put them into their own pots as soon as they sprout.  Otherwise the
roots grow together and it's almost impossible to separate them
without injuring the roots.  Once you have 1 per pot, then I would
transplant them into larger pots at the first sign of roots showing
out of the drainage holes.

If you've planted the peppers in those plastic trays ( 4, 6 or 12
cells ) then the rule of thumb is to transplant them when the leaves
touch adjacent plants, again 1 plant per cell.

Of course if your going to plant them outside, you start hardening
them off about your last frost free date and plant them out about 1
week after that.   For transplanting outside, I would normally
transplant them from a 6 cell pack to 2 1/4 " square pots and then
into the garden.  This year I'll probably plant about 2 weeks early so
I'll skip the square pots.

I've never tried individual protection.  If you wait till after your
frost free date (do you get frost in Bristol ? ) you don't need much
in the way of protection.  You can buy very lightweight row covers,
which warm up the plants a couple of degrees which would be helpful.
And for cold nights, or late frost, I just lay some clear plastic over
the plants.  This works in the fall too.

Hope that helps.

Gil White

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>>Dear All,
>>It is now clear that I will have to re pot in the
>near future. Has any body got a rule of thumb for the spacing of
plants in
>pots? Has anybody got any tips about cloches or any other temporary
>greenhouse style arrangement for someone on a shoestring budjet?

>>Chris Burston