[CH] ow! WOW!!

marxman (marxman@skynet.be)
Fri, 8 May 1998 19:34:17 +0200

Fellow Cold-sore sufferers.....

    After having read the last thread about herpes and hot peppers, El
Grande must have gotten inspired, 'cause I got a whopper over my lip
yesterday. Failing to find relief in either Zovirax creme or a usually
effective secret (according to my husband) Austrian creme, I blended in a
heaping dab of Calvin's powder into the last item and applied it. Lo and
behold, results in less than a day, signs of receding breakout and the
burning feeling just won't quit. Goooodddd.... and, if I may add, easier to
keep around for emergencies than fresh peppers. Calvin, you are not only in
my kitchen, but in the medial kit as well!
    Speaking of Calvin, all of my contact info got et up by the hard drive
changeover, so if you're out there, or someone else has it, please pass it
on, the sample he sent is getting dangerously low, and if the new twist on
it's use is any indication of it's versatility, I may need to get a couple
of pounds for all of those odd jobs around the house (kills mold, strips
paint, rids the house of unwanted guests....)....

All Praise El Grande and Calvin!