[CH] mulch

Andie Paysinger (asenji@earthlink.net)
Mon, 11 May 1998 00:03:24 +0000

I have tried several kinds of mulch for my pepper plants in raised beds
and in pots (including the commercial sheets of colored plastic).  I
bury the pots part way in the ground as this keeps the roots from
getting too hot in the desert summer temps.    I use a thick pad of
newspaper at least 1/2 inch thick.
I soak it in a shallow pan as it is easy to tear to the shape I want
when it is completely wet.
I tear a hole it bigger than the stem and a slit to open it to the edge
and fit it around the plant.
I try to build it up around the outside so there is a slight depression
in the center.
When the surface has dried a bit I sprinkle a border of diatomatious
earth around the outside perimeter of the pot  to deter slugs.  When I
water, I use a low volume wand so the slug barrier doesnt' get wet.
The paper keeps weed seeds from blowing in and rooting the soil and also
helps retain moisture.  And worms love it.

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