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I was going to reply to this post earlier today, but realized it was going
to take a long time to list all the restaurants of merit. Plus the fact that
I have not been dining out a lot lately, and didn't want to offer old

I think Jeffro summed it up nicely.

There are lots of local asian restaurants that have very good food, and are
There are a few good BBQ restaurants locally, including Jakes Boss BBQ in
Jamaca Plain, Bison Country Cafe in Waltham (abuts Lexington), and a few
You will never go wrong at Chris Schlesingers' East Cost Grill in Cambridge.

I live in Concord, (two towns over from Lexington). I am a consultant, and
work out of my home office.

Contact me off-line if you want more information.

Concord, Massachusetts

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>Unfortunately, Beantown is not known for fiery cuisine.  Were a pot
>roast, meatloaf, and mac' n' cheese city.  I had enough of that stuff
>up to last a lifetime.
>Your best bet for spicy food is Asian (Indian, Thai, Vietnamese).  Since
>I don't know the exact names of restaurants, I'll give you the
>neighborhoods to check out.
>Central Square, Cambridge-LOTS of ethnic places within 2 blocks (Indian x
>6, Chinese, Mexican-"Picante", Ethiopian, Jamaican).
>Inman Sq, Cambridge-(Portugese, Brazilian, El Salvadorean, eclectic
>Pacific Rim "Jae's").
>Brighton/Allston-(S. Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Brazilian, BBQ,
>Waltham/Moody St.-there's a bunch of Indian and Thai places here along
>with BBQ, Tex-Mex, & Italian-check out the little Spanish market here
>(Bufalo chipotle & El Yucateco dirt cheap).
>East Coast Grill in Inman Sq. Cambridge, Green St. Grill off Central Sq.,
>and the Blue Room in Kendall Sq.  might heat things up for you.
>Good luck