Re: [CH] Boston

Melinda Merkel (
Tue, 12 May 1998 13:41:33

At 04:21 PM 5/12/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Yeah, Melinda, I've heard the same comment made about Barbecue, and Boston
>being so far from Texas, or North Carolina, or wherever.
>How far do you think we are from Naples (Italy)?

Oh, great, have I started another flame war? I didn't mean to bash, not by
any means! I seriously was just curious. I have never had Mexican food in
Boston or in any other Eastern Seaboard city. And I must mention that, even
though Boston is hardly close to Naples, every bit of Italian I've had in
Boston was *damn good*. 

You can take that comment however you wish. <grin>

>Come to Jim McGrath's hot luck the end of this month, if you think no one
>does good southwest food here.

Ahh, I wish I could... but the prospects of airfare and time off work are
prohibitive. I do have a friend in close proximity, though, and I'm
needling her to go in my place :) No arguments here - I'll take your word
for it!


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