[CH] Re:Calvin's FAQ

Senor Chile Monger (supervisor@scudder.sbceo.k12.ca.us)
Wed, 13 May 1998 06:53:54 -0700


Calvin is a list member who, several months ago, considered marketing his
special blend of chile powder.  He asked for volunteers to beta test his
powder and give him their well considered and scholarly opinions ;-)
Calvin's powder literally burned the list down for several weeks, and now
seems to have become part of Chile-Head lore.  I myself was one of the
fortunate to receive a sample.  Calvin uses some of every domesticated
species of Capsicum in his powder, and,  to open the vial/container/bag of
the powder and take a deep breath is to experience, olfactorily, the
essence of what chile is.  The flavor is complex and complimentary to many
different dishes adding more than adequate heat.  

You would have to check with Calvin to see if any of his wonderful powder
is still available. 

Best of luck,


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