[CH] Attention Chicago chile-heads

Tony Lima (TonyLima@ms.spacebbs.com)
Wed, 13 May 1998 15:39:30 GMT

The FlatTop Grill lets you build a dish worthy of any
chile-head.  In this unusual place you get to create your
own dinner from a variety of vegetables, rice (white or
brown), meat, and/or fish.  Once you've put all this in a
bowl, they toss it on a grill and stir-fry it to perfection.
You also get to select from about two dozen sauces, some of
which qualify this place as a chile-head hangout.  Try a
combination of the red chile paste and the peanut.  My wife
Gloria tells me the red curry sauce and tofu-horseradish
were also quite spicy.  Our non-chile-head companion Christy
was able to eat very well without exposing herself to any
sort of hot food.  Highly recommended.  No reservations
accepted; either arrive at 5:30 p.m. or be prepared to wait
in line.

FlatTop Grill, three locations in the Chicago area (we ate
at the North St. location):
319 W. North Ave., Chicago. 312.787.7676
707 Church St., Evanston. 847.570.0100
1000 W. Washington St., Chicago. 312-829-4800