[CH] Re: Bahston

Jeffrey Rose (jeffrey_rose@eri.eisai.com)
13 May 98 15:58:05 -0400

Old Bear

Mea culpa.  I didn't mean to demean our great city by calling it
Beantown...or maybe it was a subconscious 'dissin' from a former Wistah boy :-). 
There is some good food around Boston but people don't associate hot and
spicy with New England.  You don't go to Kansas City for the seafood and
you know that huevos rancheros in Santa Fe are probably better than in
Hartford.  Every city has its little ethnic gems hidden away in different
corners of the city.  Half the fun is finding them.  Your list had quite a few
places in common with mine so I guess our wavelengths aren't too far