Re: [CH] The Worst salsa you've ever had.

David Wright (
Thu, 14 May 1998 12:05:14 -0500 (CDT)

At 10:15 AM 5/14/98 -0500, Rael wrote:
>Twas Writ:
>>I went to Chuy's on Barton Springs Rd in Austin, TX.  This place is or was a
>>local hot spot.  Not as much for the Chile seasonings they use but....well.
>I think the Chuy's vary depending on location.

Let us hope. There's a Chuy's about to open here in San Antonio so I'm
forewarned. As for pretty good salsa, Poblanos on N. St. Mary's (a block or
two south of "the strip" for those who know the territory) offers three
table salsas when you sit down, then the server asks if you want the
"special." Turns out it's a chile de arbol creation that's as close to a
CH-type salsa as I've found in SA; other than my own kitchen, of course!

And these comments about the "worst" remind me of a place where we ate in
San Francisco sometime in the late '60s. There was a Mexican restaurant
next door to a Chinese place and we chose the Mexican one. Oops. 

The owner seemed to be Chinese, which should have been a warning. I'll
never forget that the enchiladas had both tofu and bean sprouts, which, now
that I think about it, was "fusion cuisine" before the term was even
thought of. 

When we left, we wondered if Wednesday was "trade off" day and the Chinese
restaurant would have had dumplings made with masa.