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Fri, 15 May 1998 09:54:17 -0400

At 07:44 AM 5/15/98 -0500, Calvin Donaghey wrote:
>Hello, everyone.  I have probably sent 50 messages or so trying to catch
>up with my mail.  (Been burning the midnight oil.)  I keep getting
>responses on the list which make me think no one is receiving my mail.
>Am I making contact?
>Thanks,   Calvin

Hate to say this Calvin, but this is the first note I've seen from you.
Are you sure the other notes were addressed to the list and not to
individual members?  Check the "Reply To" line in the header of the note
you want to reply to and make sure the ""
address appears there.  If not use the "Reply All" option instead of the
plain "Reply"


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