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Fri, 15 May 1998 19:06:29 -0400

At 03:02 AM 5/16/98 +1000, J. B. Cattley wrote:
>You're pretty much all cooks out there, and flavours are obviously
>preeminent, so I'll ask a weird question:
>Anyone else out there cook by shape? Hard to explain, but I sort of remap
>flavours to a spatial context to do additive/subtractive manipulations on
>them. Different flavours fit in different places/directions, and if you know
>what I mean, you know what I mean.
>In other words, when the curry sticks out equally in all directions, it's
>done. This is, I have just realised, why I don't much care for Thai: the
>lemongrass just doesn't interlock with the other flavours, but sort of rides
>over the top.

I use other components like freshness and textures when judging a dish.  I
tend to not like curries much as to me they seem generally overcooked and
mushy in texture, wheras I enjoy Thai because of the crispness and balance
between savory, sweet and hot sensations.  I also like the lighter sauces,
as opposed to many of the Chinese cornstarch thickened sauces.  For the
same reasons I seem drawn to many Jamaican and Caribbean dishes (Though I
find it ironic that both Thai and Island cuisines feature curries!)


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