[CH] RE: The Worst salsa you've ever had.

Peter Moss (pmoss@yoda.alt.za)
Sat, 16 May 1998 02:15:01 RSA-2

>Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 22:01:57 -0500
>From: "Michael Schapansky" <michael1@bga.com>

> Yeah, and sometimes you can get lucky at Pappacito's and
> they'll have cabrito on the menu.  Huge portion, cooked tender
> enough that you don't need cutlery.  Yum..

[snip 60 plus lines of superfluous quoted original messages] 

Not having any Mexican restaurants is a bummer but we do
have some franchises that have one or two supposed Mexican
dishes.  Salsa, what's that sir?  The salad bar is over there
help yourself. Salsa oh! I'll ask the manager.  Sorry sir if
it is not on the menu it is not available, please feel free to
use the salad bar.

So the worst salsa is none at all ;-)

We are blessed with some fine Indian and Malay cooking so 
sambals are available with these dishes.

BTW Michael please don't include the original message, only 
include any pertinent part to which you are replying. It saves 
clutter in the digest and makes it much easier to read.

Preparing for winter ;-(


Peter Moss

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