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Alan Dean (
Sat, 16 May 1998 07:26:52 -0400

Right on!  Get rid of the vinegar.

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From: Bill Oakes <>
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Date: Friday, May 15, 1998 5:26 PM
Subject: Re: [CH] consumer opinion

>As my tastes have become more "pure" (or my buds get burnt to a
>crisp...whatever), I've found that the # of sauces I'll actually buy has
>dropped like a rock.  These days, I look for the following:
> - how rich (I can always add heat)
> - how hot (but it's nice to have it to start with)
> - how tart.  I'm SOOOO sick of vinegar as the #1 ingredient!
> - finally, what'll it work with?  I tend to stick with tuna, crab,
>Will it work with those?  If not, I'll probably skip it.
> - how exotic.  If it fails all the other tests, but it's in a REALLY cool
>bottle, I'll still get one (let's face it...a bottle with a Harley on it
>isn't going to be a unique sauce, but it's a COOL bottle)
> - last, how much?  This one gets me sometimes....I see bottles of Xxx
>for $5.95, then walk down two shops and see it for $2.50.  (of course,
>usually RIGHT after I bought it at the first shop..but let's not go there).
>Realistically, though, the other reason my sauce purchases have dropped is
>that I've found that drying and grinding my own peppers gives me MUCH more
>control over flavoring, without the vinegar.
>Hope that helps,
>Bill Oakes
>San Jose, USA
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>From: Judith Stone <>
>Date: Friday, May 15, 1998 1:09 PM
>Subject: [CH] consumer opinion
>>I've been asked by a well-known national trade publication to do an
>>article on consumer opinions about hot sauces.  I know all of you are
>>experts in the field and would love to include your opinions in my
>>article.  After all, you are the "top of the food chain" in the hot
>>sauce business" as the editor put it and I know will make a great source
>>for me.
>>I would like to know what prompts you to buy one hot sauce over
>>another.  What rings your chime,  so to speak.  It is taste, heat
>>levels, color, labels, price, advertising, word-of-mouth, salesmen's
>>advice or anything else that causes you to reach for that "special"
>>bottle.  Also, if you don't mind, I'd also like to quote some of you in
>>the article because I feel there is a great cross-section of people on
>>the list.
>>If you feel that this is too commercial for a discussion on the list,
>>please feel free to e-mail me privately.  I hope that this isn't the
>>case, however, because I think (in my own mind, of course) that this
>>would be an interesting topic.
>>Looking forward to hearing from you.  Judith