Re: [CH] Tonight's dinner

John Benz Fentner, Jr. (
Sun, 17 May 1998 10:24:10 -0400

Dave Hendricks wrote:

> > Here's what I did for myself tonight, considering that my wife and true
> > love is out of town for the weekend and that she is neither a fan of
> > oysters nor a CH.
> Here's what I did and my wife was home to enjoy it. I loaded the
> smoker at about noon with a bunch of chicken leg quarters and country
> style spare ribs coated with jerk rub. I tossed in a few chunks of
> tuna for fun.

(littlea snoop) guys out did me...but, what the's Spring and the weather
channel said (and they were right for once) that it was gonna be 85 and sunny

Friends recommended a fish market that I hadn't been to we went
over early and got some steamers (soft shell clams), a couple of energetic
lobsters and some lemons. Hit the IGA soopermarket and got some fresh bread
and some mix yer own salads (lots of veggies and olives and pickled
Jalapenos), some mixed fresh fruit chunks, a couple of bottles of Aji Amazona
Salsa Verde (first time I've seen this in a local store)...and some Newcastle
Brown Ale.

Set the spread on the picnic table on the deck overlooking the lake (ambience
is important with steamers) Dunked the steamed clams and boiled lobster in
(a) hot clam broth from the steamer to rinse, (b) melted butter with lotsa
lemon and (c) the green chile sauce. (Did a taste comparison between the Aji
Green and Lol-Tun Green and the Aji is markedly superior. Should be even
better with mussells.)

Had a fine time slobbering seafood, sucking beers and tossing the scraps to a
couple of Canada Geese (and a buncha gooslings) who came over to share the
festivities and terrorize the catz. Summer is definitely coming. :)

John Benz Fentner, Jr.
Unionville, Connecticut, USA
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