RE: [CH] BBQ sauce challenge

David Louis Harter (
Mon, 18 May 1998 14:23:21 -0700

> Now, how about everyones BBQ sauce recipes!
Spicy Grilling Marinade/Sauce 

4       oz Raw thistle honey          
1       oz Vermouth (dry)             
1       ea Lime (fresh), juice of     
1       ts Garlic (fresh), pureed     
1       ts Chili powder               
1/2     ts Cilantro (fresh), minced    
1/4     ts Oregano (fresh), minced    
1/4     ts Basil (fresh), minced      
1/8     ts Ginger (fresh), minced     
1/8     ts Coriander seeds, ground    
1/8     ts Cumin                      
1/8     ts Cayane pepper, ground             
1/8     ts Paprika                    
1/8     ts Red pepper flakes          

Combine ingredients in warm glass mixing bowl.  
Mix ingredients slowly with bamboo brush.  
Pour marinade into heavy duty plastic storage 
bag and add fowl, fish, or meat to be grilled.  
Seal bag and refrigerate for four to six hours 
(or overnight) before grilling.  Baste often 
while grilling.

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