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Tue, 19 May 1998 00:47:25 -0700

Mark Anderson wrote

> >Ok this is really stupid but important.

Everyone likes agood arguement, right? :)

> Which country is know for liking a good healthy belch after a meal?  In
> some cases even considered a compliment?

Japan I believe, the land where showing the soles of your shoes and 
blowing your nose instead of sniffing is considered an insult! 
If it works for them! (No insult intended)

> After all there is nothing like a super hot steamy food and beer belch
> to let out the tensions of the day.  Tonight it was Shishh Ka Bobs

Shish Kebabs

> (please someone help that spelling) a flame(ouch), peppers, onions,
> potatos and lemon pepper. Mmmmmmmmmmm!

> But anyway there is a hundred dollars riding on the questions above so
> please only speak of the truth.  Websites would be extra cool.

So who gets the hundred? If it ain't me how about some seeds that we'd 
find difficult to get over here in the UK, :) like all of them, :( other 
than 'Red Chillies' (Correct English spelling there)

Still a novice but getting there.I don't believe I've just sent my first 
contribution on such a way off base subject, guess I had to start 

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