David Wright (
Tue, 19 May 1998 10:16:34 -0500 (CDT)

At 10:45 AM 5/19/98 +0200, Dan Bar Dov wrote:
>I visited San Antonio 3 years ago, spent most of my time around the town
>center, on the banks of that sunken river they have. I ate in several of the
>restaurants there, and I found them pretty authentic Mexican (although the
>place is kind of a tourist trap). I still feel they were more authentic then
>the places I've been to in Austin and Dallas, not to mention California
>where I lived.

Dan and others,

"Mexican" in San Antonio mostly means authentic Tex-Mex, which may include
a recent tendency for a mild fusion with Southwestern. One notable
exception is La Calesa, just off Broadway, north of downtown. The owners
are a family from central Mexico and they feature dishes from there and
from further south in Mexico. They certainly do have "authentic Mexican"
food. Tex-Mex is fine and includes some of my favorite comfort foods, but
there are differences between it and "Mexican" just as there are regional
differences in Mexican food as well as in other national cuisines; so, one
sombrero doesn't fit all.

Standard disclaimers about La Calesa -- IJASC (I'm just a satisfied customer.)