Re: [CH] Cheese

Ralph Feldman (
Tue, 19 May 1998 11:52:25 -0400

Marianne Meisels wrote:

> Do you mean red Yemenite harif (s'hug) or green Yemenite
> harif (s'hug)? I'm pretty sure I've seen recipes for both on
> the web page of a local Hebrew cooking show. I still haven't
> installed my Hebrew fonts, but if you let me know which you
> want I'll see if I can get someone to download it for me (or
> read it backwards!).
> Marianne

It sounds like Danny's recipe (for green zhoog) hits it on the head,
though I'd be interested in seeing red zhoog recipes as well. 7 years of
Hebrew school not withstanding, my hebrew is a little rusty (i.e.
nonexistent). Does the web page of the cooking show also have an
alternative english page. If so I'd like to know the URL.