[CH] Worst Salsa

Andie Paysinger (asenji@earthlink.net)
Mon, 18 May 1998 23:00:24 +0000

The absolute worst salsa I ever had the misfortune to lay a lip over was
served at the "grand" opening of a new restaurant, part of a "mexican"
chain - no longer in business.

It was a case of "from the sublime to the ridiculous"   as some of
their  food was excellent .
I got the feeling that the salsa person had a grudge against the
restaurant and was taking it out on the salsa.    In it were big chunks
of onions, tomato puree(thin and watery,  a few little slices of a
barely spicy pepper and a few leaves of cilantro that was more black
than green where it clung to the chunks of onion.  I asked for a green
sauce (as the other restaurants in the chain served it)
What I got was a bowl of green glop that looked like it had pond scum
mixed into it.  (shudder)
When I sent it back I got a dirty look from the server and he didn't
come near our table for 20 minutes. At that point we left.

The very best salsa, bar none, that I have ever tasted was at a
carniceria(meat market) in San Fernando, Calif.  I don't even know if it
is still there as I don't get down that way often.
We have several carniceria up here and they all do a nice salsa
fresca.   It is always fresh and very spicy.
They sell carnitas meat, already roasted, ready to cut up and put in
sauce or tortillas.
If you have never been in one of these stores, please try to find one in
your area.  I think you will be pleased.

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