Re: [CH] Pepper Plague?

Tue, 19 May 1998 13:28:58 -0500

You can use that spray while you have green growth, and during blooming, but
I would prefer to see you mix some Ivory Dishwashing Liquid in a sprayer of
water, and use that. Put about a tablespoon in a quart of water. It kills
bugs on contact, is absolutely safe, and helps the dirt absorb water instead
of letting it run off.

You can also use this mixture in a large 32oz plastic cup to throw on wasp
nests. They fall off dead instantly, the mixture will not harm plants, or
your house, is nonstaining, and nonflamable. Best of all, it cost a lot less
than a can of wasp spray. You can put it in a pump sprayer, for distance if
you don't feel safe throwing it on the nest. It is noncorosive, so it won't
hurt your pump sprayer if you leave it in for a few days.

Hope this helps,

Wilson Phillips
Eagle Computers
#2-D Seargent S. Prentiss Dr.
Natchez, MS 39120

>Thank you, Wong.
>I hadn't noticed any pests, but after I read your message, I checked
>carefully. Indeed, on the underside of each leaf was one or two tiny
>white flies, about .75 mm or less in length. They looked like
>"micro-moths", and flew when disturbed. In addition there was some
>evidence in the form of a few droplets of dried liquid, and a few
>small splotches of a brown powdery substance around some of the vein
>junctions on the leaf underside.
>I took the expedient method of dealing with this... I gave each plant
>a brief blast of Raid House & Garden spray. The main active ingredient
>is indeed Pyrethrin.
>We will see what happens next.
>                             ...Ed....
>Che Wong wrote:
>> Hi Ed,
>> I looked at the picture of your plant. My guess is that on the
>> underside of the leaf, you have some sort of bug chewing into and
>> sucking juices from the leaf. My experience is that leaf curling
>> is usually associated with scarring of the tissue. As for the yellow
>> splotches, it may also be a symtom of the parasite or it could be
>> something else. Most bugs will leave some sort of sign on the underside
>> of the leaf; it may be a powdery film, droplets of plant sap or some
>> other evidence that will make it different than a leaf from a normal
>> plant.