[CH] Boston: Mexican Cuisine -- again!

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>Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 17:52:59 -0400
>From: The Old Bear <oldbear@arctos.com>
>Subject: [CH] Boston: Mexican Cuisine at the Forest Cafe
>Well, I've mentioned this little neighborhood bar several times and 
>decided it was worth passing along the menu.  Keep in mind that 
>this place is in an urban store-front, about twenty-five feet wide 
>and is split down the middle between the "cafe" and a bar. . .

Well, I have been duly chastised by other aficionados of Cambridge's 
Forest Cafe for presenting only the basic menu and not the more 
exotic speciaties which are featured regularly.  A quick trip to 
my archives produced the following supplemental menu from one 
weekend a while back:

                        LOS EXPECIALES
     Sopa Princesa                                        $2.95
       Cream of black bean and chipotle chile over tortilla
       rajas and Mexican cheese.

     Sopa Tarasca                                         $2.95
       Traditional tortilla soup from Michoacan with thickened
       cream, chicharon, aged cheese and fried chile garnish.

     Botana De Longaniza                                  $4.95
       Smoked mountain-style sausage served with red and green
       sauces, Mexican cream and guacamole.

     Ejotes                                               $4.95
       Fresh green beans pan-cooked with garlic, lime and 
       coarse ground salt.

     Ensalada Cesar                                       $4.25
       Traditional Romaine lettuce and garlic crouton salad
       with homemade dressing and shaved parmesan.

     Enfrijoladas                                        $10.95
       Mexican cheese enchiladas baked with a vegetarian
       black bean, chipotle chile and hoja santa sauce.

     Enchiladas Trotsky                                  $10.95
       Blue corn and smoked cheese enchiladas with a Michoacan
       tomato sauce, crema Mexicana, fresh and dried cheeses.

     Enchiladas Xochitle                                 $11.95
       Mexican cheese, fresh and wild mushrooms and fresh 
       spinach filled corn tortillas, baked with a chile
       serrano and fresh cilantro sauce.

     Atun Tamulipas                                      $13.95
       Pan cooked yellow fin tuna with fresh chile, bacon, 
       mushrooms, garlic, onion and the most Mexican of 
       herbs "epazote".

     Pescado Con Pipian Verde De Acuyo                   $13.95
       Tonight's catch with a sauce of tomatillo, chile
       serrano, roasted pumpkin seeds and the anise-like herb
       "Acuyo" known throughout the cooking of Tabasco, 
       Veracruz and Oaxaca.

     Cabrito Enchileno                                   $11.95
       Tender goatmeat cooked on the bone in a richly seasoned
       chile ancho sauce with northern spices.  Served with 
       fresh pico de gallo, hot tortillas, white rice and a 
       bowl of our special drunken pinto beans.

     Salpicon De Pollo Teracita                          $11.95
       Poached and shredded chicken breast pan-seasonsed with 
       garlic, onions, black and gold olives, tomatoes, 
       raisins, almonds, fresh jalapeno, mushrooms, and Mexican 
       aromatics.  Served with fresh guacamole, hot tortillas, 
       salad garnish, stewed black beans and white rice.  From 

     Tinga Poblana                                       $11.95
       From Pueblo with a Oaxacan touch: Poached and pulled 
       chicken breast pan-sauteed with garlic, onion, chorizo 
       sausage and smokey chipotle chiles in a light herby 
       tomato sauce.  Served with black beans, white rice, and 
       salad garnish.

     Camarones Con Tequila Y Mango                       $13.95
       Pan-cooked shrimp with fresh jalapeno, mango, papaya 
       in a gold tequila orange parsley sauce.

     Camarones Con La Lola                               $13.95
       Pan-cooked large shrimp with garlic, onion, fresh 
       chiles, Mexican aromatics, white wine, cracked pepper 
       and toasted bread crumbs.  Served with black beans, 
       white rice and salad garnish.

     Pescado Encacahuatado de Otzimba                    $13.95
       Tonight's catch with a smokey hot peanut sauce 
       seasoned with clove, cinnamon, and cumin.

And for those who would like a second opinion, see the newspaper 
review from the Boston Phoenix on the web at:


The Old Bear