[CH] oK mY InNArDs mAY bURn bUT wHaT AbOUt mY JoINtS?

Andie Paysinger (asenji@earthlink.net)
Wed, 20 May 1998 10:50:07 +0000

      You Wrote ----

>Sharen Rund Bloechl

>Rest easy and tell that "gourmand" to blow it out. . . . -  if
>chiles has been known to aggravate arthritis."  then, pray tell, why do
>of the the soothing arthritis creams contain capsicum? - I believe
>statement should have said "...eating chiles had been know to
>the pain of arthritis."

Perhaps he was referring to rheumatoid arthritis.    This is an
inflammatory/auto-immune disease that can  flare-up  following exposure
to a number of things, including  vegetables, spices, nuts, liquers,
certain types of shellfish, etc., etc.
It is true that  topical applications of pepper creams and lotions  will
relieve joint pain  in some arthritic conditions.  (I speak from
personal experience)   However,  this is usually  osteoarthritis or
traumatic arthritis, and not a systemic disease.

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