[CH] Another chile plant ailment question

Mark Dodgson (mjdodgson@yahoo.com)
Wed, 20 May 1998 20:30:23 -0700 (PDT)


Since we're on the subject of sick chile plants ... I don't have any
photos available of the disease problem, so please bear with me.  I
have a small glass house in which I keep a number of chile plants in
8" pots.  As it has been fairly cool lately (in not so warm Melbourne,
Australia), I have been closing my glasshouse up sometimes for days at
a time.  

The problem happened when I sprayed the plants with water late in the
afternoon and closed the glasshouse up.  I did this twice in one week
if I remember properly.  I don't think they had a chance to dry out. 
After that week I noticed a black mould appearing on some of the my
plant's leaves.  I used a spray called "Kocide" (copper based) on them
because I figured it might kill the spores or whatever (hey I'm no
micro-biologist).  A couple of days later a lot of the leaves started
falling off the plants.  My question is, what mould/fungus/whatever
afflicted my chile plants, and what should I do to make sure it
doesn't take over again?


Mark Dodgson

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