[CH] Consumer Opinion

Judith Stone (madpepco@gte.net)
Thu, 21 May 1998 16:18:33 -0400

Again, thank you for all the info you are giving me.  And the great
quotes.  When this publication comes out in Sept., you will be able to
access it on the net.  I will give you the website then.  Since I have
found out that "bribery" works well with this list, if you send me
information that I need and I can use the quote in the article, I will
send you a free bottle of our hotsauces.  This article has a July 1st
deadline so time is of the essence here.

By the way, Dave and I were bottling our Mother'n Law's Revenge hotsauce
this morning and when he tested it for taste, the hair on his arms stood
straight up!  Can any of you "scientists"  out there tell us what caused
that reaction.  It was quite funny, at the time.
Thanks again, Judith