[CH] Have you got a copy of this recipe?

Graeme Caselton B.Sc. (gcaselton@easynet.co.uk)
Thu, 21 May 1998 15:23:38 +0000

I recieved this query on my web page from Samuel G. Harrod IV:

> I'm wondering if you can help me.  About 8 or 9 years ago, my
>father sent me a selection of chili recipes from a magazine.  Once
>recipe was called "Screamin Mimi" gourmet chili.  Some of the
>ingredients were bacon cooked with red pepper flakes, ground beef
>and steak, beef bouillon and molasses.  After I got married, my wife
>threw it away by mistake.  I only made it once and served it to
>friends at a superbowl party who to this day claim it was the
>hottest, best chili they ever ate. Have you ever heard of "screamin
>mimi" chili or know the recipe.  Any help would be appreciated.

Does anyone have a copy of the recipe that Sam refers too?

By the way, yes it is me, Graeme, I'm still here and reading the
(So many hot sauces to try, so little time to post e-mails)


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