Re: [CH] Re: Consumer opinion - Hot sauce selection

Doug Irvine (
Thu, 21 May 1998 22:40:39 -0700

BzRvueNews wrote:
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> writes:
> > The person/s who manufacture such a sauce should have more pride
> >  in their work--they are obviously at best poor citizens and possible
> >  pedophiles and animal beaters or worse.
> Snort!  Heh-heh!  They should be hung at first light.
> Buzzy

OK, but which way UP????? and could we sauce and feather them?????
and should they be dressed( I mean like as in chickens)(not as in
clothed or un-clothed) Dont be like that , Rael!And if they are spun
while they are hung, would they do twister?? Rael??And if they were in
the southern hemisphere would they spin the other way??Luke??A little
levity,sorta on theme!  Cheers, Doug in BC (yeah, I hadda holiday)