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Bloechl, Sharen Rund (
Fri, 22 May 1998 12:29:14 -0700

That sounds great - if you want to skip the extra fat, you could zap it in
the oven or in the microwave

my favorite version is w/garlic:

Using a knife, score the entire circumference of the brie wheel in the
middle, going around the whole thing, then, using dental floss, tie the
floss around the wheel, fitting it into the scored line, cross the floss and
oull it together, this cuts the brie neatly in half

place one section cut side up on a plate/dish (the one you're going to serve

chop up enough garlic to spread over the top of the brie

in a fry pan, add enough [olive] oil to cover the bottom, add chopped garlic
and saute until the garlic is light golden

using a slotted spoon, carefully spoon the garlic over the top [cut side] of
one of the brie rounds

invert the second brie round on top of the garlic [cut side down] - it'll
look like a sandwich

zap the brie about 15 seconds or so - the cheese should start to bubble
and/or run - fi necessary, zap it again for a couple of seconds until it
reaches this point

remove from microwave & sprinkle some chopped chives or garlic pieces, etc
on top & serve w/bread

NOTE: you can add to the garlic (or substitute) using sliced onlions,
mushrooms, peppers, etc. - all nicely sauteed

Sharen Rund Bloechl

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> my favorite way to "brie" is to take the wheel (it must be a whole wheel),
> dip it in an egg wash, and then dip it in sesame seeds...  once the wheel
> is
> good and coated, drop it (carefully) in oil (completely submerged), and
> deep
> fry it until it floats... careful not to overdo it or it will bust
> open....
> I usually serve it w/ sliced apples, hot french bread (pepper bread would
> be
> great) and habanero-mango jelly...  really good stuff.....
> Rich
> St. Mary's, GA