[CH] chile products

scott wood (swood@mercury.bc.ca)
Mon, 25 May 1998 10:51:19 -0700

A new little market just opened near me that has a bunch of stuff
from mexico, phillipines, caribbean, etc. They've got all sorts
of chile sauces and strange items I've never seen before.
like banana catsup... or like the philipino chile sauce that
listed "liver" as an ingredient.. (I hope I misread that one!)

Anyways, I picked up a bottle of Warker Woods Jerk sauce, a tin
of Chilpotles en Adobo, and a package of "Chile Guajillo", none
of which I've ever had before. Should be fun figuring out what
to do with these.

At a local greenhouse I found some really nice robust looking
little Habanero plants. So this year in containers I'll be
growing 2 Habs, 2 Anaheims, 1 Serrano and 1 Hot Portugal. Is it
my imagination, or are the Hab plants the ugliest looking 
pepper plants? All the other's that I've grown have been nice
and symmetrical while the Hab has all sort of weird branches.
Small price to pay for those peppers, though :-)


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