[CH] Hot sauce....

Doug Irvine (dirvin@bc.sympatico.ca)
Mon, 25 May 1998 19:32:23 -0700

Hi from Nanaimo....have you tried the guy from Calgary? His sauce is
fantastic....and just as an incidental...WHAT IS WRONG WITH LIVER????
With onions and chiles and a good gravy....GOOD GRAVY???? only if ya
dont like LIVER!!! Actually, it is full of iron and vitamins and other
minerals,and tastes terrific, if done correctly....been eating it for
yars and yars, and 72 yars later, am still eating it!! Cheers, Doug in
Nanaimo! The hot sauce I referred to is called Prairie Fire...it is HOT
but dig the flavour(Canuck spelling) and you may call 1-800-215-
8913, and I am sure he will tell you where you can obtain it...You might
also talk to those two terrific people who are in Slurrey(wrong
spelling?)(wait till the earthquake!!)Go to
www.uniserve.com/passionforpeppers/    and see what they have,neat
people, right in your own backyard, so to speak! Cheers, Doug