Re: [CH] Chile in London?

lukasz (
Tue, 26 May 1998 21:33:33 +1000

Hi Kath, 
	Luke in Oz has met this guy and will give comment Jbc is about 
20+ yrs old tall dark and handsome. He was a Student until his
sojourn to northern climes, helped me to tidy up my web page, so
If'n you know anybody in the Programing industry {game devo}
{Generalprog} he could be their man... Jbc if your
listening..{reading your posts that is} send me your Snail mail
add so that I can send you a Bon Voyage pressie....
Chile Related**************** - On topic there 
If you visit ICL tell them You come recomended from a Mate of 
Howard Julie -- He was there with them about 20 light yrs ago
for 18 months and did some major work for
them...........Traveling on Shankses pony tomorrow - cooked the
Water pump in the work beast, or as the Mechanics call it "the
bucket of Pus" {not "puss"}
			Luke the Pedestrian in Oz