Boleynx (
Wed, 27 May 1998 08:10:54 EDT

having to hear about everyone's splendid chile crops makes me ever more
depressed.  so i'll raise my head from my hands for a moment and entreat all
of you knowledgable people to lend me an electronic hand.

we are having an exceptionally hot season this year with temperatures already
soaring into the low and mid 90's.  i keep a little potted garden of sorts on
my back kitchen steps.  i water them every morning and check vociverously for
aphids, snails, and other pests.  i even just sit and fix them with an intense
stare sometimes.

unfortunately, all to no avail.  this season, i cannot seem to keep blossoms
on many of my plants.  the serranos, scotch bonnets, jalapenos, and cubanelles
have yet to retain even one bloom.  they just open up and then drop right off.

a check of the "Pepper Garden" told me i might a) not be watering enough
b)have too much nitrogen in the soil or c) conditions may just be too hot.  to
counter this, i upped watering to 3 quarts from 2 and didn't fertilize to
avoid too much nitro.  
no luck.

the Burpee Q/A site told me to check for thrips
no luck.

so now, i water, check for pests, and curse and rail at their lack of stamina.

so, before we have to load up the furniture, the chihuahua, and all our
belongings and head to California to pick grapes, can anyone help?

i would be so very grateful.  thanks!