[CH] English prime sauce sources

Andrew Healy (A.Healy@surrey.ac.uk)
Wed, 27 May 1998 14:02:23 +0100

Calling all UK chile lovers, who are a trifle lost for sauce sources

For the uninitiated in the UK, here is a response from the UK end of HotHeadz.
(admittedly this only allows AssKickin' products some free publicity, but,
'go for the burn' as Miss Fonda urges you too).

originally from:

>Return-Path: <southwest@asskickin.com>

>Dear Salsaless, thank you for your  interest in our Ass Kickin Products.
>We do have several places in the UK to fill your salsa void.  Hot Headz;
>Unit C5
>phoenix Trading London Road Thrupp Stroud Glos UK GL5 2BX  phone; 145 3731737
>fax 145 373 1747  ask for Jim or Stewart.   Jerry's Home Store and Harvey
>Nichols also sell our products.  if these leads do not help let me know.
>Good Luck and Have An Ass Kickin' Day1   Linda
>Kick Yo' Ass Hot!

					Andrew Healy