[CH] "fatal flaws"

Jalust (Jalust@aol.com)
Wed, 27 May 1998 09:44:52 EDT

I am working hard against the "fatal flaws", but the AOL Postmaster insisted
they were there.  I looked at my settings and they are set for AOL type, so
whatever the problem is, I'm sure can be easily solved by everyone who is
measuring the correct way to buy a bottle of hotsauce.  

Personally, I think placement on the shelf is a subtle marketing ploy that
vendors fight over constantly.  A sauce should be at eye level for maximum
appeal.  The rows should be straight with labels facing exactly forward.
Lighting should be bright, but not artificial-looking.  There should be no
dust bunnies or stains on the shelf.  Price labels should not cover any part
of the label and should be inconspicuous, preferably on the back of the

"The fault, dear so and so, (I forgot) is not in our stars, but in ourselves."
Ain't it the truth??