Re: [CH] Kim Chee

Jonathan T. Smillie (
Wed, 27 May 1998 10:18:03 -0500

At 08:32 AM 5/27/98 -0500, Robert D. Dittmar wrote:

>     I believe that the key to making authentic Kim Chee is the 

>     fermentation.  I think of Kim Chee as the Korean analogue of 

>     sauerkraut.  I don't believe the use of vinegar, while probably making 

>     a darn good pickle, is authentically Korean.  

This is certainly consistent with my experiences when in Korea last fall. One of my Korean friends explained that the sour/vinegar taste of kimchi comes from lactose fermentation, not pickling. This is apparently consistent over most varieties of kimchi, of which there are literally hundreds (though the cabbage-based one is most familiar and my personal favorite). 

just my 2 cents ( or about 0.2 Korean won, which doesn't go very far these days...)




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