[CH] That kid from Oz!

Doug Irvine (dirvin@bc.sympatico.ca)
Wed, 27 May 1998 18:36:28 -0700

Hi Judy, boy three messages in a row, this gal is really chile
deprived(as opposed to Rael, whom someone, not me, said was chile
depraved!) Anyway have you heard from Howard?  I posted a fried rice
recipe the other day and goofed on the address! Have you ever heard of
Gobbbbblegarden???Wasnt quite that bad, but am I ever going to have to
watch my addresses from now on. BTW, Marie is going to do that mango
crisp recipe that you posted...we will let you know how it turned out.
Hope that you and Joe had a good holiday weekend, Cheers to all CH'ers
Doug in BC and my apologies to all, for blowing the address with the
fried rice! I will post it again if anyone didnt get it.